Upcoming Events/Calendar


December 2020


          Advance Youth league sign-up will be Wednesday December 16th and 23rd at 7pm.


          The first day is January 6 for 12 weeks starting at 7pm


          We will have limited room this year 18 spots.


          FYI we will be following the COVID-19 restrictions if sports activities are not allowed we will not run leagues that week until            allowed so.




Adult Leagues begins January 4th and AYADL begins January 6th


         See Leagues tab for more information,  Adult Leagues will last 13 weeks. AYADL will last 12 weeks

           Notice COVID-Restrictions may effect leagues. information will be updated at that time

         Jan 16th – 17th NFAA Virtual Indoor shoot




        MAA Indoor FITA Lower Peninsula


       February 5th-7th. February 12th-14th. Friday’s will have a 7 pm line, Saturday’s and Sunday’s will have a 10
       am line and a 2 pm line. There will be a smackdown February 6th



IAA Outdoor 3D Tournament


         March 13th @ 10am. March @ 2pm.




 To be announced 


         More information to come.




 Girl Scouts Event. ASA Shoot.


        Girl Scouts will be outdoors and on May 22nd. 

       ASA May 22nd – May 23rd.Saturday will have a 9:30 am line and a 1 pm line.
       Sunday will have a 10 am line. 




Thursday night 3D shoots


         These shoots will be every Thursday until September 16th.




IAA Outdoor 3D Tournament


            IAA Jays Sporting Goods Archery Challenge July 30th – Aug 1st 




 To be announced


         More information to come.




To be announced


         More information to come.     




 Happy hunting season!




Annual Membership/Board Meeting and Potluck!



Board Meetings:

January, February and March 2nd Sunday of each month at 7 pm
April-October Second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm
No meeting in November – have a safe hunting season
December 4th at 5 pm Board Meeting with Annual Meeting to follow

**General Members are welcomed and encouraged to join**