Work / Project List

Please contact us on Face Book Messenger for Maintenance questions

 **The Club needs every ones support to function! To keep the club clean and operating we need all members to do their part. **

!! THE YEAR IS ALMOST OVER! There is only a 2 weeks left in the year to get your works hours in. If you still need work hours please check with a board member or in the club on the work board and see what needs to be done. We need everyone’s support to keep the club going !!







Here is a list of other tasks needed to be completed each week:

  • Cardboard needs to be cut for SVAA, MAA and NFAA Shoots.
  • Range must be swept*-**, mopped**, and have scuff marks removed**
  • Lobby must be swept*-** and mopped**
  • Bathrooms need to be cleaned*-**
  • Dusting in all areas and windows
  • Exterior needs to be picked up to the best of the weather’s ability

* After League shoots

**After each Tournament shoot