League Information

Indoor Target, Animal, Advanced Youth, Homeschool Youth, and Kids League Information


League Captains:

Monday night target league Dan Reed (7 pm)

Tuesday night animal league George McCann (7 pm)

Wednesday morning target league Rod Cook (10 am)

Wednesday night youth league Trini Brisson (7 pm)

Thursday morning animal league Dale Dille and Chris Church (10 am)

Thursday homeschool league Marty Yonkey and Mike Strayer (2-4 pm)

Thursday night animal league Mike Strayer (7 pm)

Friday night kids league Marty Yonkey, Matt Yonkey and Mike Strayer (session 1 runs 6:00-7:30, session 2 starts at 7:30)

Winter Indoor Leagues (2019 Information)

Monday – 7:00 pm – Spot Target league – begins January 8, 13 weeks (20 Yards)

Tuesday – 7:00 pm – Animal round – begins January 9, 13 weeks (Varied Yardage)

Wednesday – 10:00 am – Spot Target league – begins January 10, 13 weeks (20 Yards)

Wednesday – 7:00 pm – Advanced Youth Archery Program – begins January 10, 13 weeks

Thursday – 10:00 am – Animal round – begins January 11 – 13 weeks (Varied Yardage)

Thursday – 2:00 pm – Homeschool program – begins January 11 – 13 weeks

Thursday – 7:00 pm – Animal round – begins January 11 – 13 weeks (Varied Yardage)

Friday – 6:00 pm – Youth (Kids) league first line – begins January 12 – 10 weeks

Friday Р7:00 pm РYouth (Kids) league second line Рbegins January 12 Р10 weeks

**Doors open 1/2 hour before start time**

Advanced Youth Archery Program

The Advanced Youth Archery Program begins on Wednesday, January 10, 2018, and will run for 13 weeks. Our program is using a national program, with certified instructors. The full fee will be $60.00 (includes a shirt), with 1/2 due at sign up, and 1/2 the first night. Students must have their own equipment, and it should be brought to the sign-up night for inspection. For any questions, please contact Trini Brisson (989-233-0009).

Homeschool Program

Mid-Michee Bowmen is offering an afternoon archery class on Thursdays again this year. The class will begin on January 2019, and run for 13 weeks. Time is 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. Fee is $20 and due at preregistration. If your child has his/her own bow, please bring it to preregistration. Kids can also purchase a shirt ($7.00) For questions, contact Marty Yonkey (989-859-0924).

Kids League

The Winter Indoor Kids League begins on Friday, January 12, 2018, and runs for 10 weeks. The shooting fee is $20 per child. Mid-Michee prides itself on keeping the archery tradition going through our youth. In a positive and safe environment, your children will learn the art of archery, the skills necessary, and the safety requirements to keep them interested in the sport of archery. Archery knowledgeable parents are welcome to assist with lessons.

Kids shoot on Friday evenings. There are two options for children:

6 p.m. shoot time includes inexperienced to beginner shooters.

7 p.m. shoot time includes beginning to advanced youth.

Some of the children shoot both the 6 and 7 p.m. shoot times. Every child receives a plaque at the end of the season, and there is a party on the last night.

If your child is old enough to draw and release a bowstring, he or she is old enough to shoot. Young shooters can start shooting as early as age 4. Great weekly family event. Kids also can purchase a shirt ($7.00). Non-members welcome. For any questions, please contact Matt Bass (989-839-9360).