League Opportunities



Here at Mid-Michee Bowmen we value being able to provide our members with opportunities to shoot amongst community. We encourage camaraderie which tends to lead to improving one another’s skills and enjoyment for this sport.


Mid-Michee Bowmen is proud to host league nights for our members and anyone else who would like to join us. Each week for 13 weeks starting in January, there will be a group of people meeting to shoot at specific assigned times. We host indoor paper target leagues at 20 yards, indoor 3D animal leagues, indoor paper animal target leagues, and indoor paper target leagues for advanced youth, homeschool youth, and a general kids league that is great for getting your child started in archery!

To participate in leagues, there is a weekly cost that helps us pay for the targets, equipment, and utilities for our building. Part of that money will also go into awards given to the high scoring individuals for each league as we keep a running board with an 80% handicap.

We also have pop, water, Gatorade, chips, and more for sale all the time so bring cash if you are interested!

Adult Leagues

We host many options, including 3d animal league and spot target paper leagues, with multiple days of the week and times available. These leagues occur at our indoor facility for 13 weeks beginning in January. 

Homeschool League

We offer a league specifically dedicated to homeschooled children. This program provides a special place to build community in a fun sport with like-minded kids.

Kids League

This league is intended to focus on getting kids started in archery. With numerous coaches available, we teach the fundamentals to archery in a safe space.

Advanced Youth Archery Development League

This league focuses on providing personal coaching for kids that are already experienced in archery. This is intended for individuals seeking a more competitive experience. 

2020 Winter League Schedule


7 pm Target League


7 pm Animal League


9 am Target League

7 pm AYADL


10 am Animal League

2 pm Homeschool League

7 pm Animal League


6 pm Kids League #1

7:30 pm Kids League #2

2020 Winter League Captains

Monday Night – Dan Reed – (989) 513-5800

Tuesday Night – George McCann & Rick Brown – (989) 859-2866 

Wednesday Morning – Rod Cook – (989) 859-1183

Wednesday Night – Trini Brisson – (989) 233-0009

Thursday Morning – Dale Dillie & Rick Laplow – (989) 773-0592

Thursday Afternoon – Marty Yonkey &  Mike Strayer – (989) 859-0924

Thursday Night – Mike Strayer/Denny & Millisa Getgood – (989) 708-9740

Friday Night – Marty Yonkey & Matt Yonkey & Mike Strayer – (989) 859-0924